A few notes on learning Slovene with "Dave from Ireland" [71].

RTV Slovenia has ordered the episodes backwards, making navigation as difficult as possible.

All Dave's friends and colleagues conveniently repeat anything he might not understand in English, unlike in real life.

From as early as Episode 6 Dave is able to have successful exchanges in Slovene, using words he has not yet been taught.

It's never explained how he overtakes himself in this way.

Even soap operas need continuity, or what is the audience meant to think? That the characters just worked it out somehow, between episodes?

In Episode 14 the rather easier case-based differentiation of kje/kam is eschewed in favour of a more nebulous perspective: "direction and movement".

Why not just admit one is "where" and one is "to where", leaving time to explain the roles of kamor and kjer in dependent clauses? Is it because it's really complicated? Or because the autochthons want us to think it is? Or is it that they just do it, but lack the tools to explain why?

Instead of choosing words based on commonality or usefulness, Dave's challenge is ramped up, with collections of easy-to-confuse words or hard to pronounce words, to prove how difficult it all is (Episodes 15, 18).

Episode 26 would have been improved by a simple explanation of the connection between the optative and the first person plural.

After playing tennis, Dave is able to go to the doctor by himself (Ep. 28) despite having not having lived in Slovenia for 15 years, despite not having obtained a permanent residence permit, and apparently without any insurance, payment, or bureaucracy.

By contrast an Anglophone acquaintance of the Complainant has to take his wife with him to the doctor to translate, after about fifteen years in Slovenia.

The Complainant was not permitted to enter the health insurance system for fifteen years, and only then because Slovenia needed to get similar treatment for its citizens in the UK after Brexit.

Dave doesn't find out about the Upravna Enota until Episode 46. Maybe he used his EHIC card. But it will only last six months, so he has four and a half months left to be affordably ill, find an employer, or pay an astronomical amount for all-private cover.

Episode 39: looking for a job. By a stroke of luck, Dave is a waiter or a barman - other professions need not move here. His new employer is unusually undisturbed about inspectors arriving to challenge Dave's competence to meet the public or demanding to see his language certificate (in real life the inspector's friend owns a different bar).

Dave's dream boss (Slovenians think) is not required to explain why he'd rather pay Dave the full adult minimum wage, than a student whose status will make life cheaper and bureaucratically easier for him. The scenario is unrealistic.

In real life, although having a foreigner do his bidding, and automatically run his bar for him to sit in, would be emotionally appealing and with free English lessons for all the customers thrown in something of a dream come true, being fined for not employing a Slovenian-enough barman would be just one more thing the employer would be worried about getting fined for. Slovenia thinks it can fine its way to fairness, better health, more accurate journalism, everything.

There's no more news about the job interview until Episode 44. Meanwhile he goes on a trip to Ljubljana, learns the names of some forest animals and gets excited about Easter. Episode 45 continues the job application process, in which Dave is forced to drink or appear impolite. He gets the job.

Episode 50: Dave is self-correcting his instrumental ending. How did he learn to do that?

Episode 75: After four months Dave begins working in the bar, face to face with the population. By a stroke of luck the cleaner is able to explain the whole process in English, and tries to force him to drink schnapps before his first shift, while the medicinal qualities of several products are extensively rehearsed. The commentator repeats all this in a depth and detail atypical in this series. As far as we know, Dave hasn't had to sleep with anyone to jump in front of a competitive crowd, fighting over this exciting professional opportunity.

In an exciting Episode 91 for Slovene listeners, Dave visits a Slovenian pretending to be an Irishman...in Ptuj! Declan's unconvincing accent soon collapses, as they pretend not to know how to pronounce "jezero".

Dave is disproportionately interested in things Slovenia thinks foreigners should be doing: skiing (Episodes 18, 161), horse riding (Ep. 26), booking a room (Ep. 36), visiting Bled (Ep. 90), talking about Ptuj carnival (Ep. 91), taking a balloon ride (Ep. 107), embarrassing his girlfriend in front of the priest (Ep. 111), walking in to see the University Dean with some exam results from Ireland and starting law school immediately (Ep. 124), teaching Slovenians about Irish slang for free (Ep. 153), singing football songs (Ep. 155), planning to borrow (after a few days' work in the bar at six euros an hour) €260,000 for a house - fingers crossed! (Episodes 158/159), losing his vision at an early age (Ep. 217), playing videogames (Ep. 218), planning a trip to Ireland at a travel agency (Episodes 246/247), drinking and related activities (Episodes 10, 45, 68, 70, 91, 96, 135, 145, 149, 153, 160, 174, 183, 226, 240), and getting married (Ep. 274) - at which point, just like in real life, Fani and Dave's fairytale abruptly ends.* But these are the lengths local ladies are prepared to go to, to avoid male stereotypes and improve their English. Which only makes Dave's meteoric prowess all the more improbable.

By this time it must have at least crossed Fani's mind that she could have found an alcohol-dependent interrupted law student working as a waiter without the drawback of having to teach one her language.

We never find out what happened about the house, mortgage, tax or insurance arrangements, lawyering career, children's education or divorce.

The mysterious nature of Dave's partner's work life in the show, the anti-intuitive, pro-Catholic, amusingly OK but statistically odd choice of Irish diction to represent an average student's language, and the couple's adventurous plans with the €260,000 home appear hard to connect in any way.

The link is her well-paid job as an employee of RTV Slovenia, and a clue to the show's mild unease with art imitating life. Turns out he didn't need that jolly bar job at all - she could well have been able to get him one at...oh.

And crucially for the legal overview, why hasn't Dave broken the law, by dealing with his clients without having a solid command of Slovene, per ZJRS 14?

By Episode 275 Dave has not learned anything about the types and purposes of endings, prefixes, case, tense or aspect, or about word order (perhaps there is nothing), thema/rhema, or zero subjects, and has not rolled any Rs.

Dave has yet to build the kind of sentence you might see in a book.

*Dave's progress resumed after a three month break, during which www.voy.si appeared.




"Why can't you learn it from subtitles on the television?"

As if John Wayne is going to explain the grammar as he rides and shoots away.

Many Slovenians learned English this way - at a tender age. But it is back to the difference between the Slovenian fetus and the uncoded adult, and the steeper grammar gradient.

Moreover, English does not hide itself and refuse to come out.

The answer, Slovenia, is I don't want to talk to the television. The television doesn't understand me, answer my questions or necessarily offer a vocabulary I would find relevant to my life.

Having 24 hours to find the thingumijig or be off the case, mastering the grunts neeeded to defuse an atomic bomb at the last moment, or gushing words of admiration for Mr d'Arcy are unlikely to come in handy.

Because, Slovenia, general television isn't designed to be an adult language class. If it was, all the language teachers who can't be bothered for €53 per hour would complain.

And one more thing Slovenia: ZJRS 13 doesn't mean or say "tell them to go watch television because hell if we know and we can't be bothered."

Be like us: "Just get the qualification."

Slovenians seem accustomed to people having jobs who don't know anything about them, but have a qualification saying they do. And to people who do what is necessary to create the data to make it look like something works, or that they did something. People are taking other people's exams for them [92]. People are plagiarizing their theses. Their chances of getting caught seem to be proportional to career or political advancement  [93,94] suggesting the majority of cheats wasted their money.

Perhaps the exams are marked by people who faked their own. The obvious explanation of a key event in the present case is that ZJRS and LUP conjured a non-existent class from bureaucratic wishful thinking. Target-chasing zombie box-ticking is suspected.

Maybe a guy in a nuclear power station control room somewhere doesn't understand atomic physics. So when it comes to ZJRS 14, many are quick to conclude that all the immigrant wants or needs is a certificate by the swiftest available means.

Neither the idea that he might sincerely want to learn to speak and write Slovene, nor the inutility of a false result would occur to these realists. The real thing belongs in the melancholy department, as governed by the Sixty Euro Problem.

The faux accompli: "It's hard to learn. But you understand what we're saying, right?"

As opposed to reading what you're saying written down, did you mean?

5-10% in the sense of typical verbal flow, anyway. A psychological question arises:

Why did you want to think that?

A variation of "someone else will teach you", viz. "someone else taught you already". Loving the positive outlook.

Like many languages, Slovene distinguishes between the animate and the inanimate. You would not want to mess up your kogar and your česar. For inanimate nouns, "gender is determined by form class, a property of whole paradigms" [63].

But you don't need me to tell you that. As with the television idea, which demands frantic pausing and replaying, this distinction will help you to see that animate objects like foreigners talk unremittingly ...but at least their writing keeps still.

In autumn 2022 Slovenia became excited about demanding subtitles on Netflix, Disney and other streaming channels. The reason, revealed on 7 September on the RTV Slovenija the talking heads programme Panoptikum (Panopticon) is, according to writer and translator Boštjan Gorenc–Pižama, that in many families television is the primary contact with language.

"Some parents don't have time to deal with their children every day - they don't have time to read them books, to introduce them to the language. The children are then left to the screens and the screens speak mostly in English. This is how children learn English, but they don't develop certain competencies in Slovenian." [102]

Hence the poor literacy among the people who don't know anything about the law demanding foreigners do business in Slovene.
















































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