Non-pecuniary awards for damage to productivity, to living conditions, to confidence, and to human dignity, and for the isolation, distress, chaos, retardation and paralysis of the Complainant's life and past and future good standing engendered by Slovenia's anti-performance of ZJRS 13, based on minimum wage not earned since arrival in May 2005, alternatively since May 2006, alternatively since 15 July 2008, and to the present, and future damage.

These inferior conditions were inevitable if the Complainant's compliance with ZJRS 14 was to be achieved, when he was ignorant of it and when not.

As a self-employed translator/proofreader/cultural liaison/egg on toast expert/importer-export/attraction operator/retailer/writer/marketing consultant it is anticipated the Complainant would have earned 40000-60000/year.

Allowing one year to learn Slovene, this means that from May 2006 to the present, the average earnings lost total 833,333.

At the lower end, the present minimum wage of 940.58 per month for the 200 month period from May 2006 to end 2022 gives a total lost due to Slovenia's language law of 188,116, without interest.


The case obviously has the makings of a class action. While his own standing relates solely to Anglophone members of the NSMT group, the Claimant agrees to include other non-official language including second-language English speakers in a class action.

But only an individual can take a case under Article 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights before the Human Rights Committee [36].

For the purposes of ZKolT (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 55/17), in view of the inclusion of non-pecuniary damages the Complainant requests any class action be considered as opt-in.

Systemic discrimination is a relentless grind, not a single calamitous event. Being a foreigner somewhere you are officially not wanted is a horrible experience.

Some members of the discriminated group may not wish to bring focus upon their non-ZJRS-14-compliant business activities. This should not work to the State's advantage.

The Complainant may request the State Prosecutor's office to fund a senior state attorney to sue on behalf of the excluded group defined by the disjoint between ZJRS Article 13 and the other statutes enumerated above, and ZJRS 14, namely Anglophone residents who may be operating illegally without even knowing it, and all others denied their economic rights.

An amnesty for all so-called offences is envisaged, restitution where necessary. The Claimant has no standing in respect of languages other than English, and has met no one who was aware of this law among people in business and international marriages.